RummyMoment GST Policy

Add Cash

What are the benefits of adding cash on Rummymoment?

Rummymoment will launch promotions, and players can get recharge discounts at "SHOP". Choose different recharge amounts to get different proportions of discount bonuses. If you want to continue to get discount bonuses when adding cash, you must recharge again.

Why didn't I get the bonus offer during the Add Cash period?

Rummymoment will provide a corresponding proportion of discount bonus when recharging. You can get a discount on your game purchase amount. To use the discount bonus, you also need to complete a doubled bet. In addition, RummyMoment also provides more preferential discounts in "NOTICE".

As a player, do I need to pay additional consumption GST?

No. Players do not need to pay consumption tax. Any GST will be borne by RummtMoment, but the handling fees charged by the bank/UPI third party will be deducted from your account.


How many times a day can I withdraw money on Rummymoment?

Starting October 1, 2023, you can make unlimited withdrawals per day. As long as there are no risk control restrictions on the bank account, withdrawal requests will be processed in real time.

If I want to play more games, do I need to top up with cash every time?

No, each game has corresponding entry requirements. As long as your balance is greater than it, you can play any game freely.

If my withdrawal takes longer to process, are my funds protected?

Once you make a withdrawal request and the order is generated, the amount mentioned will be immediately processed by Finance. If due to bank-related issues, your withdrawal may take longer than expected, but with RummyMoment withdrawals are made to your account in real-time.

Free Games

How do I get the bonus?

Rummymoment offers players different kinds of bonuses. All existing bonuses in your account are at real value. Different bonuses have different rules and standards. Please read the rules first to participate in the corresponding activities.

What happens to the existing bonuses in my account?

All valid bonuses will have a real value. This will benefit you even more because with the bonus you can enjoy up to 100% game buy-in discount bonus into any cash game on your first deposit.

How to use discount bonus?

Unless the rules specifically state the purpose and rules of the bonus, the discount bonus can be participated in any game and withdrawn.

Will my bonus expire?

Yes. If you do not play any cash games for 30 days or more, all your discount bonuses may automatically expire. The Platform may change this subject to the Terms and Conditions.

Can I withdraw my discount bonus?

Yes, because the discount bonus is equivalent to real money. Discount bonuses can be withdrawn. The balance shown as "Withdrawal Balance" can be withdrawn, keeping in mind the wagering requirement limit for withdrawals, and the maximum limit for a single withdrawal is ₹50,000.

Impact of GST on Withdrawals

Do I still need to pay TDS?

Yes. The platform does not pay GST or TDS tax on behalf of you, you need to complete all this yourself!

Get up to 100% discount bonus on your first deposit.